As a homeowner, it’ very important to make sure your property is kept in great condition!  This will certainly help protect the market value of your home.  Most owners of rental properties can only hope and wonder what the current condition of their property may be in.   A property manager’s duty should include making sure the rental is properly maintained and taken good care of.  Afterall, real estate is an investment and simply knowing the condition of your property can help avoid any costly disasters in the future.

We have a simple walk-through process for each rental property that we manage.  This let’s us see first hand the condition of a property.  We can then relay this information to the property owner and address any issues at that time.  We walk through each of our rental properties a couple of times ourselves during each lease term.  We also hire a 3rd party company call Property Reports On Sight, to conduct their own walk through.  This company visits each of our rental properties during the 5th month of each lease term.  The report they conduct is very thorough, going room to room and checking each item listed in their software application.  These reports include lots photos and descriptions.  If there are any issues or concerns, the technician will redline the item and make any notes indicating the issue.   The cost of these reports is included in our monthly management fee.  Our property owners are always delighted to receive the property report and to be able to see the current condition of their investment.  We manage lots of properties in the Austin Texas area, however several of our property owners live elsewhere.  It can be quite a relief to see the interior and exterior of your property from another city.  Click here to see a sample property report.

Our own property management staff will visit a property at anytime if necessary.  A standard walk through of a property is conducted by our team at the 9th month of each lease term.  At that point we then discuss the condition of the property with the owner to determine whether or not to offer a lease renewal during the final months of the lease term.

We understand the importance of taking good care of a rental property!  Having knowledge of a rental’s condition, is essential in the property management industry.